Europe Digital Radiography Systems Market (2019–2025) to attain a market value of US$ 3,504.2 million by 2025, growing at a reasonable CAGR of 6.36%

The Europe digital radiography systems market is anticipated to reach a market valuation of US$ 3,504.2 million by 2025 expanding at a reasonable CAGR of 6.36% in the course of the forecast period (2019-2025), majorly driven by rising burden of chronic disease in countries such as Germany, UK, France and Spain among others. Growing awareness about the digital radiography and associated advantages is further escalating the market growth. Moreover, rising demand of minimally invasive surgery will further boost the interventional radiography market. Disposable incomes in developed countries is propelling the market due to the availability of more funds for treatments among the population. Government is also taking measures for the promotion of the new technology for better treatment of diseases in the European region. Radiography is the utilization of X-rays for the apprehension of several components present inside the body. This technology is used as a tool for the diagnosis of diseases, bone deformities and tumors. Like advancements in other technologies, radiography has also witnessed a paradigm shift from film to film-less radiography. Digital radiography can be carried out using Computed Radiography (CR) and Direct Digital radiography (DDR). X-ray sensitive plates such as photostimulable phosphor (PSP), sensors and scintillators are used for image acquisition. Image acquired through digital radiography have a superior image quality, making its interpretation easier and accurate for the practitioner. Rising burden of chronic diseases due to the escalation of old age population are playing a major role in the adoption of digital radiography systems. Advent of Artificial Intelligence in diagnostics will increase the accuracy and interpretation of radiographs.

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Several factors such as high efficiency and accuracy of digital radiography systems, reduced radiation exposure with the introduction of PACS, changing demographics and rising burden of chronic diseases are playing a major role in the adoption of digital radiography systems.  The growing awareness and increasing health consciousness will further boom the industry. However, the high cost of radiography systems and expensive installation of this technology will act as a restraint for the adoption of this technology. European region is a growing market for digital radiography systems. The prevalence of chronic disease is increasing enormously in this region. In EU28, the incidence of cancer is projected to reach 3.1 Million cases per year by 2025 from 2.75 Million in 2015. Demographic changes in the European population is one major reason behind this upsurge. Cardiovascular disease is one of the major causes of death in the European countries. Germany is the largest market for Europe digital radiography systems market, followed by the United Kingdoms. This due to the rise in awareness regarding healthcare and the escalation of expenditure in these countries. Digital sensor technology is another development which is gaining momentum in this industry. It is cannibalizing the market for X-ray analog film due to lower cost, wireless connectivity, and miniaturization of devices.

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Some of the major companies profiled in Europe digital radiography systems market are GE Healthcare, Siemens Healthineers, Philips Healthcare, Canon Medical Systems Corporation, Shimadzu Corporation, Fujifilm Holdings, Hitachi Medical Corporation, Esaote S.p.A., Carestream Health and Agfa-Gevaert NV are some of the major players in this industry. The players consistently focus to create state-of-the-art technology at affordable prices to expand their customer base and strengthen their market position.  The major focus of these players is to integrate the digital radiography along with AI for accurate diagnosis.

Europe digital radiography systems market

Market Insights, by Technology

  • Computed Radiography
  • Direct Digital radiography

Market Insights, by Equipment

  • Sensors
  • Scintillator
  • Phosphor Imaging Plate (PIP)

Market Insights, by Portability

  • Fixed Systems
  • Portable Systems

Market Insights, by End Users

  • Hospitals
  • Diagnostic Centers
  • Others end users

Market Insights, by Applications

  • Orthopaedics
  • Dentistry
  • Mammography
  • Cardiology
  • Chest Imaging
  • Fluoroscopy
  • Oncology
  • Other Applications

Market Insights, by Country

  • Germany digital radiography systems market
  • France digital radiography systems market
  • United Kingdom digital radiography systems market
  • Spain digital radiography systems market
  • Netherlands digital radiography systems market
  • Italy digital radiography systems market
  • Rest of Europe digital radiography systems market

Top 10 Company Profiles

  • Canon Inc.
  • Fujifilm Holdings Corporation
  • General Electric Company
  • Koninklijke Philips N.V.
  • Siemens Healthineers AG.
  • Agfa-Gevaert NV
  • Esaote S.p.A.
  • Hitachi Healthcare Manufacturing, Ltd.
  • Shimadzu Corporation
  • Carestream Health, Inc.